Other automakers have produced cross-promotional vehicles that incorporate elements of various non-automotive products in their design; Subaru's L.L. Bean editions come to mind. But when you're Mercedes Benz you can't just hook up with any old brand like L.L. Bean, you need a product that matches the exclusivity and luxury of your own product. This makes the partnership between MB and IWC Ingenieur, maker of ultra-high end watches, a perfect match. The offspring of this partnership is the CLS 55 AMG IWC Ingenieur that features various design elements not found in the standard CLS 55, most notably the instrument cluster that's inspired by face of the Ingenieur watch. We have to admit, it's a pretty svelte look that will probably make 55 very wealthy people very happy. Check out eMercedesBenz for the full list of features.

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