You may have come across TrueDelta while searching for a good vehicle price comparison site. Michael Karesh, the entrepreneurial spirit behind the site, is now building a database of vehicle reliability surveys in order to create a new way for car shoppers to compare vehicle reliability. Instead of the often-confusing recommendations of Consumer Reports, TrueDelta will provide info on how many times a prospective model is likely to be in the shop in a given year, for how many days, the odds it will be a lemon and the odds it will be a cherry.

Karesh, however, needs people to join his Vehicle Reliability Panel in order for the results to be as accurate as possible. Joining is free and his surveys take a total of fifteen minutes per year to complete. The better news is that once you?ve been a member for six months, access to the site?s research is free. Access to non-members is $24.95 per year. It?s an interesting concept and we?re curious as to how well the site will fare once the surveys start pouring in. Should Consumer Reports be worried? If anything, a site like TrueDelta might shake up the complacency of the veteran print mag.

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