As a follow-up to the post we did a couple of weeks ago on the Accord side-airbag warning lamp issue, I decided to check out the owner's manual (more like, "I stumbled across the owner's manual while cleaning out the glovebox and remembered what I was going to do a couple of weeks ago") to see exactly what it says about this problem. The manual states that the light will come on if a passenger is leaning against the door panel, but also states that if the light "comes on while driving without a passenger in the front seat, have the system checked". That's exactly what my wife did after checking the manual. I have to disagree with one person's comment that this "sounds like stupid owner syndrome". I mean, first of all, my wife is an aerospace engineer. It's not an issue of RTFM (link warning: naughty words) as the manual makes no mention of the fact that objects in the passenger's seat could cause the light to illuminate. Add in the fact that the manufacturers have trained customers to react to a warning light by bringing their vehicle to the dealership, and I can understand why Accord owners are complaining. A slight change in verbiage to the owner's manual would probably avoid much of this confusion.

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