The TSX should file a malpractice suit against the designer that "refreshened" its face for 2006. While receiving a handful of other upgrades for the 2006MY, including a a 5-hp increase to 205 hp (new SAE standards), Acura felt compelled to mess with the crisp lines of the TSX by giving it a little nip/tuck where, in our opinion, it wasn't needed. Oval foglamps… what's up with that? Maybe we're just being shallow, which is probably the case, but the TSX, despite still being a great performing entry-level luxury value, just got whacked in the chin with an ugly stick.
Check out the full press release for the 2006 Acura TSX at

This brings up a good question, especially for fans of the new Audi A4 – do you continue to stand by a great performing car even when the redesign fails to impress?

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