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FlashInsider 's Mike Schleifstein

and David Robinson evacuate from New Orleans, plus Mike wonders what could be wrong with the Flash player EULA and listens more with expanded Flash 8 sound.

photoshopThe Unofficial Photoshop Weblog's David Chartier finds leaked details about Photoshop CS3, Darren Chan steers you to 24 hours of free tutorials at and Jan Kabili reminds you that Tim Grey has published a new e-book with everything you want to know about sharpening in Photoshop.

digital photographyThe Digital Photography Weblog's Jay Savage talks the nuts and bolts of Senso size, pixel counts, and why size probably does matter and Garth Leach lists must-have under $10 accessories for the serious photographer. Plus, the Battle of the Wi-Fi's: Nikon and Kodak introduced the first-ever Wi-Fi enabled digicams this week and DPW does the rundown.

tvsquadTVSquad's Bob Sassone asks for your list of The Five Most Overrated Shows of All-Time, Adam Finley has some ideas on how to make tennis coverage more interesting and Michael Sciannamea explains why this is the best time of year for sports.

diveDivester's Erik Olsen wonders whether it's wise to hunt and kill the shark that killed a diver, while Willy Volk compares diving solo versus diving with a buddy and asks What is a Hogarthian Diver?

hdbeatHD Beat's Matt Burns finds a new HDTV over-the-air provider while Kevin C. Tofel explains the difference between HDTV and HD Ready sets and asks you to help with a Late Show Top 10 list for HDTV.

wirelessThe Wireless Weblog's Michael Sciannamea says efforts to restore wireless communications in the Gulf Coast area after Hurricane Katrina are underway and thinks that people who "borrow" WiFi signals from others are thieves, no matter how you slice it.

downloadDownload Squad's Marc Perton tells you how to donate to Katrina victims via P2P, Victor Agreda wants his Flash TV and Jordan Running skips the login screen with Greasemonkey.

dvDVGuru's Mike Burgoyne has some info on the new Blu-ray Disk Burner for the PC and discusses the failed attempt between of the Blu-ray and HD-DVD camps to agree on a single format while Ajit Anthony discusses creating your own online TV station.

luxistLuxist's Peter Thompson asks if Britain's most expensive seaside town is really worth it, Deidre Woollard uncovers a trip to Paris that includes a visit with Paloma Picasso and checks out "Forty Love," a 138-foot yacht with a Jacuzzi and

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