Every time that gas jumps in price, it seems like it's time for someone to remind us on how to squeeze every little bit out of each gallon without doing something drastic like, you know, driving less. OK, so now it's time for stuff you've heard before - this time from Chrysler, home of the HEMI. First, don't drive like a jackass, which unfortunately takes a lot of fun out of the morning commute. Check your tire pressure more than once every year (do it at every fill-up - it's possible to bitch about prices and work a pressure gage at the same time). Don't carry around a bunch of extra weight or aerodynamic disasters such as bike racks. Avoid stop-and-go traffic, but driving around traffic by using the sidewalk is still discouraged. Maintain your vehicle correctly, because dirty air filters and worn spark plugs can be a bigger problem than most people realize. Finally, forget all those gizmos that are supposed to improve your economy because, frankly, the manufacturer would have installed magnets around your fuel line if it thought that there would be an improvement.

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