OK, so what do you need to run an autocross? The Tire Rack has you covered with the helpful tutorial that I've linked below. What can I add to this? First, grab a full tank of gas on your way to the event. Yes, it adds weight, but you do not want to find out about your fuel pump's starvation problems at 1/4-tank when you're in the middle of a long sweeping turn. When doing the course walk, take into account the fact that the car has width, and you're sitting to one side. That often makes things look much different. Know how to launch your car, since bogging or spinning can cost seconds that are impossible to make up elsewhere. Drag racers know that time lost at the start multiplies over the length of the run, and that applies to autocrossing, too. And it's impossible to overemphasize the importance of smoothness. Almost every time that I've laid down my fastest run for the day, it felt slow. Finally, please wash the shoe polish off your windows before leaving the track, lest you appear to be a dork.

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