Ah, the classic back-and-forth between the LT1 and LS1 continues, with forced-induction users from both camps currently shooting to go deep into the seven-second range in the 1/4-mile. Rick Intrau from Horse Power Engineering (HPE) is currently squeezing an amazing 1,240 rear-wheel horsepower at 30 PSI of boost from the turbocharged 398 LT1 stroker in his '96 Trans Am, which answers the classic what-if question concerning the combination of displacement and technology. The car has already run flat 8s at 24 PSI, and is currently traction-limited due to the stock-style rear suspension and 10.5" slicks. An old-school two-speed Powerglide transmission is used, but keep in mind that loose torque converters act very much like CVTs and therefore more gears aren't necessarily better. The whole package sounds similar to the LS1 T/A of Hardcore Motorsports, and will undoubtedly generate similar results when given the right conditions. How many more stories like this will it take before I start fabricating an intercooled turbo system for my Impala SS?

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