Rick Wagoner's recent financial update was pretty sketchy on what the year 2005 will bring, but future forecasts were upbeat and optimistic. What can drive GM's formula for success in 2006, you ask?GM logo (fixed) Lowered material costs, a break from the UAW in terms of health care, and a strong line of redesigned 2007 model year SUVs and trucks. Best of luck on that one — with the exception of the SUVs that have been flying off the lot now that you can get them with the employee discount, big SUV sales have been taking a nosedive, haven't they? Even the grand poombah of the UAW is driving a hybrid. In all fairness, though, GM is coming up with some pretty exciting stuff: the new Pontiac Solstice, the new Saturn Aura, and having actually driven it recently, I gotta tell you that the Chevy Cobalt SS is a tire-smokin' good time. 

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