We are lucky to have such supportive readers. One reader, Ganesh, happened to catch the 2007 Holden Commodore while doing high altitude testing in the mountains of Colorado. These are exclusive close shots. Ganesh was also kind enough to supply us with other photos, including shots of a unidentified GM SUV, the Bugatti Veryon, and the Saleen S7 Twin Turbo. Here is a segment from Ganesh's narrative about the experience.

Exclusive 2007 <a class=Holden Commodore Spy" src="http://www.weblogsinc.com/common/images/8828259725969025.JPG?0.24959375328941236" align="top" border="0" height="319" hspace="0" vspace="4" width="425" />

?My friend (TOM) and I were riding our motorcycles up Mt. Evans in Colorado, highest drivable road in North America, and saw four heavily camouflaged cars. The camouflaging was real good and it was nearly impossible to identify them. Firstly, all 4 cars appear to be the same model but in different trim - all of them were right hand drive cars, one of them had a chrome quad exhausts with 18/19 inch alloy wheels, another had two big chrome oval exhausts with 18 inch alloy wheels marked ?AMG Techart?, the other two cars appeared to have just steel wheels with dual un-chromed single port exhausts.
Exclusive 2007 Holden Commodore Spy

The interiors were all heavily covered in white fabric - but I got a picture of the underbelly of the sportiest trim model (thanks to my friend Tom for having the presence of mind to suggest it). From that it appears that the car does not have a rear differential or drive axle. He thinks this it is an Infiniti I35, but I thought it was a little smaller than a Maxima or an I-35. While the side shots does not give out the shape of the sedan, the bolsters covering the C pillars are fake and also there was no rear wing as one of the guys was sitting on top like the trunk was flat.?
Exclusive 2007 Holden Commodore Spy
The truth is most professionals do not get this lucky. We?re sure the guys from GM had no idea these pictures would end up here. Besides being cool to look at, this is a testament to the power of the Internet and what Autoblog is all about.
Exclusive 2007 Holden Commodore Spy
Anyway, despite Ganesh?s narrative our sources indicate this is indeed a rear-wheel drive car. In the undercarriage shot, you can sort of make out the output from the rear differential. Cheers and Gears, a GM centric site, also received spy photos of this car. Their background information also confirms it is a Holden Commodore based on GM?s Zeta architecture.

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