Automakers and industry analysts have been cited as saying that Hurrican Katrina has had little or no effect on the industry or its operations and that the impact of the storm will be "negligible". Only Nissan has cancelled shifts at its Canton, Miss. plant, while all other automakers in the region were unaffected. Perhaps the Car&Driver report on this from the Daily Auto Insider was just sparce on words, or perhaps I'm still a little hopped on emotion from the images coming out of the south, but this news, while business-related and perhaps rightfully devoid of emotion itself, comes across as a little insensitive, and in my opinion just wrong. I'm just throwing this out there, but it seems from my lowly consumer and limited-industry-insider perspective that Hurricane Katrina will impact the auto industry through rising gas prices in the long run. Its influence, IMHO, will be greater the longer gas prices stay elevated.

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