Thanks to a tip from Vincent, our Dutch colleague, we have here a new rendering of BMW's four-door coupe/sport-activity-thingamabobber. The name of this new four-door will most likely be the V-Series, although one could basically refer to it as an X6 of sorts. We posted on this a while back with a different artists' rendering, although we hope this one's more accurate. It has that mean, aggressive look, kind of like a charging warthog, and you know how mean and aggressive those little bastards can be. Engines are expected to include both gas and diesel versions of a V6 and V8 and curb weight should be around 4,400 libbies. Don't know if this will debut in Frankfurt or not, but you'll be the first to know if it does.

Warning: healthy grasp of the Dutch language required to read link.

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