Viacar is now offering pay-as-you-go car-rental services to members in Detroit. The system works somewhat like Zipcar; members pay a one-time fee, and then a per-hour usage charge. At $10/hour or $65/day, the prices seem extremely reasonable considering that insurance and fuel are included. Payment can be made via the company's website, or at access-card terminals like the one to the right. The vehicle range from mid-sized sedans to a few luxury cars like a Lexus LS400 and BMW 740iL (presumably these are used cars), and the rental costs are the same for all vehicles. Seems to me like it'd be handy if there were a few pickup trucks or vans in the fleet, but such vehicles weren't mentioned. If I lived in an urban area, I'd be all over a program like this. This whole idea really appeals to me, as it doesn't seem like the total cost of ownership is minimized when my vehicle's sitting unused for 22 hours or so each day.

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