Comp Cams is hosting an engine-building contest involving the Chrysler Hemi, and we're not talking about the little 5.7L version. The 426 cubic-inch variant earned its Elephant nickname for good reason, and seven builders will see what sort of power the engine is capable of when they meet on Sept. 19th. Press releases normally aren't anything resembling funny, but I had to laugh when the release from CC stated that the contestants "will demonstrate affordability of Hemi horsepower through a cost per horsepower final result". I've heard a lot of different words used to describe a Hemi, but "affordable" was, like, right at the bottom of the list (ranking somewhere around "fuel efficient" and "compact"). A wild guess says that the cost of these seven engines combined is more that what I paid for my house. Then again, the ratio can always be improved by increasing the numerator, and these engines should bring plenty of that to the dyno cell as well. You can see more on the event at Mopar Muscle's site, but unfortunately there's no run-down of parts and stats on each engine.

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