While the Cadillac BLS is destined for the European market, we can't help but wonder if GM will bring their compact Caddy to American shores. The Cadillac BLS is set to debut at this year's Frankfurt show. Based on the Saab 9-3's platform, the BLS will be a FWD luxury sedan offering a wide variety of power plants. GM will give buyers the option of three gasoline engines and one turbodiesel, providing between 150 and 255 horsepower. Unfortunately, the BLS is going to be built in Europe, which means it would not make it to our shores as an imported model because of the unfavorable exchange rate and labor-cost differential. The BLS would end up being so close to the CTS in price that it would be impossible to sell. Unfortunate for now, but with the Saturn Aura also riding on the same platform, it could mean that the littlest Caddy could be assembled at the same factory. That could open up the possibility for Cadillac's own entry-level FWD sport sedan. It's just wishful thinking right now, but you never know what may happen.

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