An Autoblog reader was perusing when he noticed that gone was any mention of the 645i. In its place is a brand spanking new nomenclature: 650i. What does it mean? It means a 4.8L V8 with 360 horsepower instead of the 4.4L, 325-hp powerplant in the 2005 645i. The same engine is used in the 550i and 750i, as well as the X5 4.8is. BMW must have updated its site very recently, as clicking on a link for more information about the engine brings you to some copy titled "4.8-liter V8 Engine" that goes on to rave about the 645i's 4.4L V8. It could be fixed at any moment, so I snapped a pic and placed it after the jump.

UPDATE: Turns out that BMW did actually announce that the new 4.4L V8 would be replacing the 4.4L V8 in the 5- and 6-series. Check out the release over at WebWombat.

BMW 650i engine spec mistake 300 PR Photo

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