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It is hard to qualify this as news, but it's something that most of our readers would not be aware of. We have posted about how the Chevrolet Malibu will be restyled as an SS. Many of you commented that the Malibu SS concepts shown previously this year were superior to the current Malibu in terms of style. Specifically, the front end treatment of the pre-2006 Malibu and its huge chrome crossbar was a serious item of contention. We would have to agree that it was rather hideous. Well, for 2006, all Malibus receive the new tasteful front end treatment. Somehow, we are filled with joy because no longer is this decent sedan crippled by an ugly face! This Extreme Makeover, combined with new power figures, and the updated Impala, have pushrod V6's dancing in our heads. At the jump there is a picture of a Malibu SS for comparison sake.

2006 Malibu SS

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