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It is official; the Toyota Yaris is coming to the U.S. as Toyota's replacement for the ECHO. The Yaris will go on sale in the spring of 2006 as a 2007 model. We received some higher resolution photos and thought we would share them. Some key points in the press release are the Yaris will have an 'upscale' appeal, which makes sense considering that Scion has the budget side of the market covered. It is strange that the styling, especially in the interior, is much more progressive than the current Scion line up. The new Toyota products are making the current Scion line up look a little stale, especially the new RAV4 and the Yaris. One look at the interior of these cars and you clearly see that Toyota is very serious about pushing the envelope a little. The Yaris will debut with the RAV4 at the SEMA show in November. Toyota also has to consider the new efforts by Honda to update their line up, especially the Civic's latest redesign and the possible release of the Fit in the North American market.

Toyota Yaris Interior

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