John has already posted on the Pebble Beach event, but one of our readers send us this tip and it's worth checking out. The photos at this site are of the Alfa Romeo 8C Spider shown at Pebble Beach. If Alfa hopes to return to the US, we can think of no better vehicle to be the first wave than the 8C Spider. John already posted a picture of the Alfa, but what is cool about these photos is the Lincoln Aviator crossover in the background. There were some leaked photos of the upcoming Freestyle replacement (the smaller one) out on the Internet. They look a lot like this Aviator concept. Thanks to EBM14 for the tip. At the Read link you will find a Gallery with full resolution images of the Spider. At the jump, we have cropped the Aviator out of the photos to show you exactly what we're talking about.

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Check out the Aviator, we think the back of it has a touch of Audi A3. It looks very upscale, which is appropriate since it is a Lincoln. Also, take notice of the rear passenger doors. We bet the rear accommodations are very generous in this crossover. Like we said, the Aviator?s Ford cousin will have basically the same shape but different trim. Overall, the Aviator is a beautiful design and a sign of good things to come from Lincoln.

Lincoln Aviator

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