Having worked for a sport compact mag in the past I'm well aware of the UK's rather odd taste when it comes to modifying. Nothing I've seen embodies this taste more than Citroen's Alien C2 VTR show car, developed by the folks at SQ Plus, which is worth as much as a Ferrari 360 Modena and loaded with pretty much every product in the Alpine catalogue: 20 speakers, 8 subs, and 11 amps pumping 15,780 watts of audaucious audio. Unique mods include a single center seat made possible by the removal of the transmission tunnel and airbrushed paint job. While my past has forced me to appreciate a good show car, this one's a little over the top for my taste. It looks vaguely like those Sentinels that nearly destroyed Zion in The Matrix movies, which means I'm not going near it without charging an EMP blast.

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