Fair warning - if you don't want to read about some biased opinions, go on to the next post. A few political blogs this week (I'll cautiously characterize them as "conservative", even though that'll cause no small amount of nitpicking in the Comments section) decided to pick up the interrelated topics of fuel consumption, safety, driving habits, practicality, and the War on Terrorism. Andrew Sullivan seems to have kicked things off with his anti-SUV rant, and later calls for a bumper-sticker contest. An early contender, "How many soldiers-per-gallon does your SUV get", might be characterized as inflammatory by some people.

Tom Maguire picks up on the topic at JustOneMinute, suggesting that indeed the true cost of oil isn?t necessarily paid at the pump, and showing a bit of frustration with the new CAFE regulations that exempt vehicles with a GVWR of over 8,500 pounds. On the issue of driving SUVs for safety reasons, Maguire links over to Andrew Samwick at Vox Baby, who takes up the odd (for a libertarian) position that SUV drivers should have to be specially licensed, since they present a potentially greater risk to other drivers. I personally think that he makes an excellent point, since the whole idea of wrapping one?s self in a few tons of unwieldy iron has never appealed to me from a humanitarian standpoint (that?s why I might not make for a good Randian objectivist). Samwick later goes as far as suggesting that the CAFE regulations be scrapped entirely in favor of increased gas taxes, which he thinks would do a better job of discouraging fuel consumption. MaxSpeak, on the other side of the politcal spectrum, agrees with this idea.

Finally, the whole shindig ends up at Glenn Reynold?s Instapundit blog, where he covers all of the above political aspects and then finally talks about cars. It seems that Glenn is getting ready to replace his Passat wagon, and is unsure what to get next (the Instapundit also owns an RX-8). He?s interested in a new TDI Passat wagon if it?s actually available, and pines for a wagon version of the Honda Accord hybrid (heck, it?d be nice if we could just get the regular Accord wagon in the US). He?d probably go ga-ga over the TDI/DSG combo offered in European Passats.

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