Toyota's been passing out the Frankfurt announcements left and right lately. Toyota has plans to show its new RAV4 at this year's IAA 2005. The new RAV4 will be larger and should be available with a V6. Actually, the new RAV4 looks like a cross between the 4Runner and Highlander, with a touch of Nissan Murano thrown in the back. Toyota also plans to show the next generation Yaris/Vitz (think Echo) bound for Europe. With Toyota selling their new Aygo mini, the Yaris heads a bit up market. Up market is a relative term in the compact realm, but we're talking about a larger car with the possibility of a larger 1.6-liter engine. The engine alone is enough for many to be joyous. No word on when or if the US will see a redesigned Echo, or if the a new Yaris variant will infiltrate the Scion brand. Thanks to EBM14 for sending the link, it was much better than the one we had before.

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