It's Grilled Cheese Day over at our new sibling blog Slashfood, and since my girlfriend always orders the Kiddie Grilled Cheese and fries wherever we go, I felt obligated to post about it on Autoblog. I know there's no connection between cars and that most perfectly toasted of dairy delights, but The Unofficial Apple Weblog has a really great tie-in and I was feeling bested. I'll probably still feel bested after everyone sees this picture. (Get it, "grille"d cheese?) Along with making the trip to Frankfurt next month, photoshopping a grilled cheese sandwhich onto the grille of an Audi is one of those things I never thought I'd be doing before I started blogging. Regardless, Slashfood deserves the attention because Grilled Cheese Day has been awesome thus far and props to them for honoring my girlfriend's favorite food of all time.

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