Though Will had sent us a tip regarding the cancellation of the P. Diddy Edition Range Rover, it took us so long to visit his link at The Land Rover Chronicles that the story had long since vacated the front page. In its place however was a post announcing that John Kerry's family-owned 1995 Land Rover Defender is on the block over at eBay. The auction is currently at $15,100 with 11 bids, which is well below the $27,333 "Buy It Now" price. At first it appears as if the Defender's in decent shape for a 10-year-old vehicle with less than 50,000 miles, until you make it half way down the page where the seller goes paparazzi on all the rust that's devouring the vehicle from the inside out.  You have about six days left to buy this extremely fringe piece of presidential history.

John Kerry's 1995 Land Rover Defender 450 PR Photo

[Shout out to Will for this sort-of tip]

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