Not just any ride, but a shotgun pass on the Nurburgring, the most demanding road course in the world. It's 13 miles of every pitch and undulation imaginable, and on the day Andrew Frankel was set to get ferried around the 'Ring at high speed by Wolfgang Shuhbauer, a part-time race driver and full-time Jaguar development engineer, the heavens opened up and the rain fell… hard. But that didn't stop these two from ringing out, so to speak, one of Jaguar's XK development mules. While this car had a smaller 3.5L engine than the 4.2L that will make it into production, Shuhbauer reports it was still plenty quick and stayed incredibly poised, something it's predecessor was to portly to achieve at this track. His verdict: best Jag since the E-Type.
[Thanks to Anon from 4Car for the heads up]

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