GM to Launch Self-driving System

Welcome to the future! Well, it's almost here…in a couple of years, GM will be launching a self-driving system on the 2008 Opel Vectra. Known as the Traffic Assist, the system is said to be able to drive the car on its own in heavy traffic at up to 60 mph. Using lasers, video camera and controlled by an advanced computer, the system can recognize signs and detect obstacles, controls the car via a complete drive-by-wire set up that covers throttle, steering and braking. While we've seen various manufacturers putting bits and pieces of these technologies on their cars, this would be the first example that combines them all and enabling your car to truly "think" for itself. A bit scary, if you think about it…I sure hope the computer doesn't run on Windows OS and requiring frequent reboots, especially at 60 mph. I think I'd prefer to do what Will Smith did in iRobot – deactivate the computer and take the wheel. But that's just me.

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