The new Civic Si has not been featured on this site, and a few readers were kind enough to point us to some new photos. Honda's next Civic translates better as a coupe. While we know that many of you are still undecided about the dash, these photos provide an even better angle of the layout. It does look a little goofy having the second instrument hood grow out of the top of the dash where it meets the window. It does seem very functional, because the speedometer is easily within the driver's line of sight. We wonder what will happen to the RSX now that the Civic has been redesigned. Obviously the Civic is moving up market and that Si looks like it could take sales away from the Acura RSX. Perhaps Honda plans to revise the RSX as well.

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Here are the links to more pictures. They are basically the same. A reader, Jalal Zahr, is credited with taking these particular pictures at the New Jersey Civic Preview Party.

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