UAW leaders met in Chicago to discuss the situation with GM and Delphi. At the meeting, UAW Vice President Richard Shoemaker made it clear that the UAW would help GM in any way it can as long as it does not involve reopening their contract before the 2007 expiration. Obviously, the UAW has found that GM's finances are not what they would've hoped for and that having a strike is not an option. Anything that they can do now will certainly help when the time comes to create a new contract. Both GM and Delphi are interested in concessions from labor to stop their mounting losses in North America. Any deal between labor and management in this situation will need to be carefully worked out. The UAW and GM have their destinies tightly intertwined. If we were with GM, we would strategically look to move production out from under the thumb of the UAW. If we were with the UAW, we would strongly look at making concessions to continue our influence.

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