The claims made about the 300+mpg "I" car on a post are so bold that we can hardly believe the author expects anyone will take it seriously. Apparently some group of people from Detroit are developing a two-seat aluminum "superhybred" (their spelling, not mine) vehicle that generates power from a 60-lb. flywheel turning at 15,000rpm by a 3-hp motor. There are also some lithium-ion batteries thrown in there that perform an unmentioned task. Of course, these people are only in the prototype stage, but if you want to plunk down the $18,000 asking price you can nab one of the 185,000 units they expect to produce when production ramps up. Well, we'll give them an A for ambition, but slap them with an F for marketing. The picture of the prototype (shown) looks like it was swiped from a 50-year back issue of Popular Science.
[Thanks to Nikhil for the tip]

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