With students of all ages set to return to school over the next few weeks, many in the media like to bring up school related topics. Being that we're Autoblog, we found an article from Forbes about the best 'back to school' car for your college bound youth. While we all expressed doubt about the affordibility of the vehicles on the Forbes list, Newsweek did their own take on personal transportation and the college experience. Newsweek's blanket statement that college students were once more interested in 'laptops than a hot set of wheels' seems out of touch with reality. Newsweek does focus more on how automobiles are approached by students and universities than what specific vehicles make the best choice for college wheels. I would say anything pre-owned is the perfect choice, but for argument's sake Newsweek did highlight the Mitsubishi Lancer, Subaru WRX, Acura RSX, and Scion tC. I would agree with those choices, but only because I personally loved contributing to the noise pollution on my campus with the buzz of a strung out four cylinder. Some schools, mostly urban ones, make it extremely cost prohibitive to bring a car to school. That was the other side of the article. Many schools do not invest in the parking infrastructure necessary to house all those vehicles. Something about classrooms and teachers being more important or something keeps them from building seven-floor parking garages. What is our solution for this dilemma? Students, if you want to park your fly ride on campus, skip the cost of a room in the dorm and put that into your semester parking decal. We hear Scions and the Honda Element provide excellent sleeping arrangements. Besides, who really cared where they slept when they went to college? Chances are you'll sleep more in class anyway.

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