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Hackaday?s Eliot Phillips warns you not to immolate yourself with a DIY flamethrower and encourages you to install Linux on your 2G Ipod mini while new contributor Fabienne Serriere shows how-to add a headphone jack to a Nokia phone.

hdbeatHD Beat?s Kevin C. Tofel explains why the nation won?t see ABC in HD next week, tells you about a new HDTV technology called SED, and then finds an HDTV antenna that doubles as a picture frame.

cinematicalCinematical has a big week for DVD releases with Karina Longworth watching the Astaire and Rogers Boxset and Ryan Stewart reviewing Sin City. Plus: is Robert Rodriguez planning a PSP-only El Mariachi sequel?

bbhubBBHub?s Russell Shaw tells you how you can type faster on your BlackBerry, tells you of a place you could get fined more than $4,500 (that?s no typo!) for BlackBerry text-messaging while driving, and what just might be the cause and the solution if your BlackBerry won?t take a charge when you sync it up to your PC.

wirelessThe Wireless Weblog?s Michael Sciannamea waxes skeptical on Intel?s Digital Communities initiative and says decision time is near for Wireless Philadelphia. Plus Mike Outmesguine covers the record-breaking ground-to-ground wireless link.

divesterDivester?s Willy Volk relaxes with the Yo Bro Board while Erik Olsen dives into the Trilobis Underwater Habitat and reviews H2o Audio?s Waterproof iPod Case.

gadlingGadling?s Erik Olsen reviews waterproof iPod cases and wants you to learn more about the island nation of Nauru while Adrienne Wilson urges you to check out Vermont Farmstays.

tuawTUAW?s Laurie A. Duncan reports on the Henrico County iBook stampede while C.K. Sample, III asks ?what?s the best Windows emulator for Mac?? and Dave Caolo discusses the importance of keeping a vintage Mac around.

downloadsquadDownloadSquad?s Jason Clarke finds Microsoft?s free way to mount a disk image and Marc Perton begins the Firefox death-watch while Victor Agreda, Jr. tells you how to create your own ILM for (almost) nothing.

luxistLuxist?s Rick Reed finds the ultimate ring to wear gambling in Vegas and Peter Thompson discovers bees have great taste in art, but Deidre Woollard would really like to live in this windmill cottage.

tvsquadTVSquad?s Karina Longworth discovers Andy Milo

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