Apparently, the advance team that Nanjing Auto sent over to Rover's Longbridge plant in Birmingham UK is not liking the fish and chips. Concerned with its staff not being able to function properly, Nanjing decided to fly in its own chefs, raising fears that few Longbridge jobs will be saved. After beating its rival SAIC in a bidding war over MG Rover with $95 million, the Jiangsu-based company has flown in teams of its engineering and manufacturing specialists over the past weeks, and while talks with GB Sports (run by former Rover executives) hasn't born any fruit yet, one thing is clear, Nanjing's staff need its home-cooked Chinese food. While this might seem ridiculous to some and a hostile move to others, we think it's quite natural for Nanjing's mid-aged Chinese staff to suffer food withdraws. Just imagine if you couldn't get any burgers for a month.

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