Engadget has found out that Microsoft has filed for a 'Phantom Car' patent. With software content in automobiles set to grow at a fast pace, Microsoft has its eye on our cars. In light of that, they have filed this patent in order to develop an important evolution of the in-car navigation system. The idea involves projecting an image of a 'phantom car' unto the windshield of your vehicle. Instead of listening to John Cleese, or glancing at an in-dash screen for directions from your navigation system, you would follow this 'phantom car.' It's like following a friend somewhere, except you shouldn't lose the phantom car if you get stopped at a red-light or stuck behind slow traffic. I am not too keen on Microsoft being the one with this patent, but if anyone can make it happen, it's Bill and his crew. Perhaps other in-car system suppliers will develop their own similar approach. Perhaps you could select your own phantom avatars, like Toucan Sam.

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