Yuzo Yamaguchi with Automotive News took part in an interview with Honda Motor President Takeo Fukui. There were some interesting tidbits sprinkled in the interview. News of fuel cell development and Honda's new V10 isn't that groundbreaking. I found the fact that Honda's benefit to supplying GM with V6 engines is the ability to get U.S. political and regulatory information from GM. Fukui was positive about working with GM on fuel cell development as well. The development of a V10 may also mean a V8 is on the way. US customers do not have many high end options in the Honda line. There are not V8 sedans, SUVs, or Trucks, so Fukui hinted that not having a V8 is a problem. Fukui also mentioned that the Civic is taking the evolutionary road up market. No surprise there, everything we've seen seems to indicate that kind of vertical move. Throw the Honda Fit into the mix and that seals the deal on the new high-class Civic.

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