One of our favorite other bloggers, The AutoProphet, went to a Ford NASCAR promotion event and lived to blog about it. The focus of AP's experience was the Ford Fusion. So what did he think? The Fusion is a 'nice ride.' In a nutshell, he thought the Fusion was not as sharp as the Mazda6, and he felt it was a little low on power. Well, before we get into what I think about the Fusion, AP did get to drive a Five Hundred around the autocross course and seemed to be pretty impressed. I concur with him on the Five Hundred, but I have to bring some commentary to the Fusion comments. Sure the Fusion might be 'soft', but some would say the Mazda6 is a little too sharp. I spent a lot of time with the Mazda when it debuted. From a dynamics perspective, it is a phenomenal car. When it came to driving it around town and dealing with our extra-crunchy roads, it got old. Heresy of heresies, but the Mazda6's V6 Automatic that I drove around town felt too tight. That would be fine if it were just me driving around, but I could not imagine driving my wife or grandparents around in it. In light of that, the Fusion would fit those who prefer comfort over a highest degree of performance. I'll hold total judgment on that until we can spend a week or so with the Fusion (hint hint, Ford).

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