According to Edmunds, August thus far has been a great month for the Imports. Honda's U.S. market share has gone up from July's 8% to over 9.5% in the first two weeks of August, and Toyota went from 12% in July to 15% — setting a new record in the process. Nissan also improved from 6% to 6.5%, while the European brands, collectively reached 7% market share – also a record high. On the other side of the pond, news is not as great as GM fell from July's 29% market share to 25%, Ford dropped slightly to 19% and Chrysler remained unchanged. But in all fairness, after the great month GM had in July, it sure will be very tough to repeat in August. As for Ford and Chrysler, things will probably pick up a bit in the second half of the month, especially if they decide to extend their employee discount promo.

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