Bob Elton has written an editorial on The Truth About Cars that suggests Lincoln and Acura would both have much to gain from pairing up to produce their next generation of luxury vehicles. It's a wild stretch of the imagination at first, but Elton makes the point that Lincoln could provide Acura a decent high-tech V8 and RWD expertise to produce a "proper" North American luxury car while an Acura-sourced Lincoln luxury model would be developed more efficiently and to higher quality standards than what Ford could accomplish. Elton makes a good case for such a partnership and stranger relationships have been formed in the auto industry, but it still seems like wishful thinking in the end. Of course, with recent news that Lincoln has two sedans in the works that will feature FWD/AWD and be sourced from Volvo, it appears as if these two companies will be squaring off head-to-head rather than cozying up together.

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