The first official photos of the Lotus Circuit Car have surfaced from its debut at the Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb in England. Sporting a design very close to the renderings that were released prior, the Circuit Car is the lightest and fastest Elise-based sports car ever produced. The ultra-light Lotus is meant only for track use and eschews such conveniences as doors, a roof and a windshield, adding in their place the necessary roll cage required for on-track excursions. The car comes standard with a single seat, although customers can order an optional passenger seat to share the excitement provided by the Toyota-sourced 189-hp four-cylinder or supercharged 243-hp engines. The car's name will be changed by the time it goes on sale in mid-2006 for an asking price of $45,000 and an optional "SVA pack" will be available to make it street legal, at least in England. About 100 cars per year are planned with no word yet on selling it in the States.

Lotus Circuit Car 250 PR Photo

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