We all know that GM has serious beef with Chinese auto maker Chery. GM is suing Chery over the QQ (shown), a mini car that GM claims Chery copied from GM-Daewoo's Matiz, which GM currently sells as the Chevrolet Spark in China. So far, the court battle hasn't gotten anywhere as GM has failed to produce any evidence on how Chery gained information about Spark's appearance by illegal means. To add insult to injury, according to recently-released sales data, during the first 7 months of 2005, Chery QQ sold 61,633 units compared to Chevrolet Spark's 15,912 units, out-selling the Spark nearly 4 to 1. In a crowded segment with 20 different makes including the likes of VW Polo, Buick Kaiyue HRV and Fiat Palio, how did Chery QQ manage to rise to the top and control a dominant 18.72% of the market share within only two years since its introduction? If you would suspend your judgment on the alleged IP infringement issue, we have a detailed analysis that will show you exactly how…

  1. Design: QQ?s modern appearance satisfies its target customer?s (China?s youth) need for self-expression.

  2. Safety: QQ continues to improve its safety features ? introducing front driver and passenger airbags as standard features on its ?Super 05? model.

  3. Technology: Chery deployed a wide array of technology developed for its mid to high-end models on the QQ, giving the customers great bang for the buck.

  4. Cost: Priced at $3,600, QQ is $1,000 cheaper than the Spark. The good fuel efficiency and cheap parts makes QQ cheap to maintain.

  5. Efficiency: Its miniature size makes it easy to park in China?s crowded streets yet its interior offers reasonable room.

  6. Quality: Through continuous improvement, QQ has earned the consumers? trust. In a 2004 J.D. Power quality study, QQ recorded 20% less issues than its competitors, placing it first in the segment.

  7. Marketing: Using unconventional marketing tactics such as producing QQ-inspired driving music further separates QQ from the pack.

Chery WOW smallHaving said all that, what would you do if Malcolm Bricklin decides to bring the 2nd-gen QQ, WOW (shown on right), to his Visionary Vehicles showrooms and sell them for less than $4,000?

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