This fall you can live out Gran Turismo 4 on some real roads in the Subaru Legacy GT Spec B. All right, perhaps it's not the car you'd choose to bring to life from your GT4 garage, but at least it's got the cool JDM moniker "Spec B". Edmunds reports that the car will get no engine modifications but will feature new Bilstein struts and 18-inch wheels wrapped in high-performance Bridgestone rubber. Expect the car to be decked out with special interior trim and every option standard, including a nav system. Only 500 units are slated for production and prices have not yet been revealed. We're pretty big fans of the Legacy, as Subaru has done a good job of moving it upmarket to compete against the likes of BMW, Audi and Infiniti in a tough segment. The Spec B will add an air of exclusivity that the Legacy itself has never enjoyed.

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