Edmunds has a spy shot of the 2006 Toyota RAV4, but the site admits that the ghetto fabulous test mule bears no resemblance to what the next entry ute from Toyota will look like. According to the article the RAV4 will grow in every dimension, may get a third row (!), and will likely finally receive a proper V6 powerplant with output in the 230-hp range.
Click the link for a caffiene-induced rant about the constant upsizing of new vehicles.

This constant upsizing that occurs when models are redesigned is lost on me. Eventually the RAV4, like many redesigned models, will get so large that it vacates the spot it has occupied in Toyota?s lineup, thus requiring a new model to take its place. In my opinion this is why the Ford Ranger, having not been redesigned for so long, is one of the only proper compact pickups on the market right now. Despite being inferior to many of the new mid-size pickups, the Ranger still sells because it?s the only one that didn?t grow out of its class. For people who want a small pickup it?s the only choice left on the market. It just seems that these redesigns result in unnecessary lineup shuffling. Sure, more power, more safety and more comfort require more room and larger platforms, but it seems, I don?t know? easy to just let the vehicle grow larger and larger by the year.

Ok, the spontaneous rant has ended.

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