One of the most competitive segments in the world is the large family sedan market in Australia that's epitomized by the battle between Ford's Falcon and Holden's Commodore. Both are large, rear-wheel drive sedans that can be optioned with V8 power. The market is becoming more and more crowded down under with Mitsubishi set to release it's Magna-replacing 380 and Holden waiting in the wings with a new Commodore due next year. Ford decided to fire the first shot by releasing details of its new BF Falcon range set to go on sale in two months. While the details are vague, Ford says the new models will offer significant improvements in power, fuel economy and offer an Australian-made six-speed automatic.

Viewing the new Falcon got me thinking how nice it would be to see this car in a Ford dealership rather than the Five-Hundred. It?s more modern, sleek shape would make for a great alternative to the slab-sided 300C while offering similar performance in a rear-wheel drive sedan. Could Ford manage to better pull off porting over an Australian vehicle than GM did with the Holden Monaro/Pontiac GTO? I guess we?ll never know.

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