Chrysler Town and Country minivan sales are up nearly 50% over a year ago in the first 7 months of 2005, and supposedly the driving factor behind this is the popularity of Stow n' Go seating. If so, it makes a lot of sense; it's a pretty cool feature that I'm sure appeals to much of the market and has other manufacturers thinking "why didn't we introduce this?". While the T&C enjoys a sales boom, others in the minivan market aren't doing so well. The Dodge Grand Caravan faces flat sales, while the Toyota Sienna, Ford Freestar, and Kia Sedona are all down. The Honda Odyssey remains a bright spot for Honda, with sales up more than 15% over last year. It should be interesting to see what minivan sales do with the increase in fuel prices; one would think that they stand a chance to increase as people shy away from the somewhat thirstier (and usually less roomy) SUVs.

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