The new Eclipse is selling at a faster pace than Mitsubishi expected, which is a rare welcome surprise for the beleaguered Japanese automaker. Currently the Eclipse is on track to sell 40,000 units this year, more than double last year's sales. The company's Normal, IL plant is finishing improvements that will allow it to accommodate the coupe's demand. Mitsubishi meanwhile is going around crediting nearly everyone but itself for the Eclipse's sales success. Wards Auto is reporting that the company recognizes the Big 3 for boosting industry sales as a whole, which it sees as a contributing factor to the Eclipse's swift sales. Mitsubishi even credits the Ford Mustang for reigniting interest in the coupe segment, despite the fact that these two vehicles don't share much beyond the same number of doors. Come on Mitsu, this is no time to be modest. You obviously did something right in developing the new Eclipse that makes it attractive to new car buyers. In our opinion the Eclipse benefited most from good timing, entering the market amid a flurry of new car purchases. Plus the company has six new models waiting in the wings to carry it forward into a more prosperous future.

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