This is just a good idea that someone should've thought of before, but credit goes to K40 Electronics for thinking of it first. The company has just announced the first ever Bluetooth enabled Radar/Laser protection system called CALIBRE. The biggest advantage of Bluetooth technology in this application is ease of installation, i.e. there's no need to route wires the length of your vehicle and drill through your firewall; the components communicate over a protected wireless Bluetooth network. Of course, with luxury cars housing ever more sophisticated electronics and warranties becoming ever easier to accidentally void, the CALIBRE ensures you won't mess up your factory wiring or render your valuable warranty worthless.

K40 CALIBRE 250 PR Photo

One thing we?ve never grown used to was the user interface of K40 products. Previous systems like the Undetectable used a custom mounted knob for on/off and to change settings. Fortunately the company has addressed this very issue by developing a wireless Bluetooth remote for controlling the CAILIBRE coupled with verbal warnings that tell you the direction of the incoming radar and the type of band being used. Prices range from $899.95 for a single remote radar receiver system to $1699.95 for a dual receiver version. Laser Defusers go for $318.95 a pop, and from personal experience I can tell you they?re worth every penny. Hopefully K40 will have enough CALIBRE systems left to send us one for a review so we can let you know if Bluetooth really does make for a better radar detector.

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