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Hyundai's new strategy is to play up the safety of their cars. Their plan is to equip each new vehicle with more standard safety features than their competitors. Hyundai is clearly making a stand on safety for the long run. Their new Azera, the replacement for the XG350, will feature eight air bags, including side airbags for the rear passengers. The Azera will also feature LED taillights and anti-whiplash front headrests. Similar safety equipment will be found on the upcoming 2007 Santa Fe and 2007 Entourage, Hyundai's new minivan. This focus on safety is the next step for Hyundai in their climb to the top. First, they focused on quality and reliability and offered the best warranty in the business. Now they are focusing on safety and are hoping to outclass their competition through increasing the safety content of each new vehicle. They are taking each prejudice consumers may have about their cars and confronting it directly. It is proving to be a successful strategy, perhaps GM and Ford should take a few lessons from Hyundai.

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