GM, the Company Most Likely To Stab RWD Fans In The Back - hey, I own a '96 Impala SS, so I've got the right to be bitter - has announced that its Zeta platform is on again and will yield some product for the showroom in 2008 or 2009. That's, oh, only 12 years after the B-body was canned, 6 years after the F-body disappeared, and 4 years after the success of Chrysler's LX platform surprised only those who are clueless about the allure of a big V8 and RWD. Expect to see a concept or two at the 2006 Detroit auto show, including a Camaro with strong first-gen ('67-'69) cues, and some sort of four-door full-size sedan that hopefully looks more like a '94 Impala SS and less like a '91 Caprice (unfortunately, rumor has it that it looks more like a 300C knock-off than a proper B-body successor). As the Auto Prophet says, what took them so long? All will be forgiven if these products kick ass.

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