We all have our suspicions about the police employing a ticket quota in order to boost revenue. I've even heard through a friend of a cop that each day of the week is devoted to ticketing a different type of vehicle. Wednesday, for instance, is white minivan day. TheNewspaper.com has an article posted about the Pennsylvania State Police in which it claims that not only does a quota exist, but also if a trooper fails to meet it he/she is punished and it's the department's official policy to deny a quota's existence. The article even describes a situation where a trooper is reprimanded for having too many motorist assists versus citations. It's utterly reprehensible when law enforcement is twisted from being a public service to a for-profit institution.
F.Y.I. - The arguably worst speed trap in the U.S. used to reside in my home state of Ohio in a little burg called New Rome with a population of 60 that employed 14 cops. It even has its own Wikipedia definition.

[Thanks Richard for the link]

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