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If you dream of soap box derby races, but think they are a little too, eh, fifth grade, then the Extreme Gravity Race might be your dream come true. Volvo, the epitome of extreme, has released some drawings of their Extreme Gravity Car. I suppose if I was racing down Jack's Peak in Monterey California at 70 mph, then something built by Volvo would be my ride of choice. Of course, I hardly ever get this kind of choice.

IRVINE, Calif., Aug. 11 /PRNewswire/ ? Imagine yourself in a vehicle no

larger then nine-feet long and 36-inches wide.  You would be imagining this
year?s Volvo Extreme Gravity Car.  Volvo will be showcasing this vehicle at
the Extreme Gravity Race, now in its fifth year.  On August 18th, 2005 at
Jack?s Peak in Monterey, California, the Volvo Gravity Car will head down the
mountain at speeds upwards of 70mph.
    Participating for the second year, the Volvo Extreme Gravity Car will
compete head to head against designs from other major car manufacturers.
    The Extreme Gravity Race, founded by Don MacAllister, is a charitable
event that raises money for foster children to help them become independent
young men and women in their communities.  Furthermore, through Gravity
Series, Inc., the foster children gain paid work experience engaging in all
the aspects of the event.  Whether the child is checking racers in, recording
race times, or even racing the vehicle, they are constantly keeping busy
throughout race day.
    Last year, Volvo brought home first place in car design.  This year, plans
have changed slightly.  Volvo plans on taking first place for car design as
well as being first to the finish line.  Penning this year?s look is Volvo
designer, Blair Taylor.  ?We paired a cost-effective fiberglass body with a
steel-frame chassis and space-age high performance ceramic components,
orchestrated with the latest sophisticated computer modeling and test
techniques, yielding a design that reflects and harnesses Volvo?s brand and
Scandinavian soul.?
    Itching to know what this years design looks like?  Well, you are in luck.

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