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A group of VW specialists is traveling the U.S. to glean new insight into what the U.S. market wants. The group, dubbed Moonraker after the James Bond movie and Ian Flemming novel, consists of 22 Germans and one American. The group's goal is to create a vehicle and business concept that would boost sales volume, earnings, and improve brand reputation. The group is set up near Malibu, CA and will be traveling across the country. VW has finally realized that they do not understand what the U.S. market needs or wants. For years, VW has not paid attention to what suits the American market and they are getting the realization how different our market is. One of the team members was quoted in VW's internal publication 'Autogramm', saying "I didn't discover the real urgency of the situation until we experienced the market firsthand." They should've done this years ago.

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